About the East Bay

The East Bay is vibrant, diverse and urban. Great museums, parks, shopping, top bay area restaurants and neighborhoods abound. Top it off with a great baseball team and fantastic weather and you have the best place in the world.

If you are new to the area, I suggest you lose your preconceived ideas and let the East Bay pleasantly surprise and stimulate you.

The San Francisco Chronicle’s website ( http://www.sfgate.com ) has a great section on East Bay neighborhoods… check it out!

If you are interested in how Berkeley evolved, check out the History of Berkeley here.



Every year the Monterey Market brings in loads of pumpkins for the kids to climb on and stare at in wide-eyed wonder. The neighborhood has what many feel are the best pizzas at Gioia Pizzeria , seafood at Monterey Fish, butcher at Magnani  and plant nursery at both Berkeley Horticulture and Westbrae nurseries.

Check out more at Westbrae/Northbrae SFGate.

Photo Monterey market Halloween pumpkins


Claremont Parkside


The area around the Claremont Hotel has some of the finest examples of western architecture anywhere. Bernard Maybeck and Julia Morgan are well represented. My elementary school, John Muir is having its annual May Fair in the photo to the left. The Parkside annual 4th of July parade is THE event of the year!  Vibrant  shopping areas can be found along Claremont Avenue. at The Uplands and Domingo Avenue. at Ashby Avenue. across from the Berkeley Tennis Club. One of my 6th grade classmates is Libby McLaren of Flowers & McLaren. Enjoy the video     

DSC_0644Parkside July 4thDSC_0662





Montclair Village

Tucked away in the Oakland Hills above Piedmont, Montclair has many desirable features. Enjoy the farmers market or walk down the hill along the old Sacramento Northern railroad grade trail. A thoroughly relaxing excursion. Click here for more information about the railroad!  Map of Business




The annual Temescal Street Fair. A sunny summer day on Telegraph Avenue. Great grits, bands and fun for all! Don’t miss the real barbershop with a hip flair, on the Temescal Alley off of 49th. I remember going to Genova’s delicatessen when I was a young child. The deep fried artichoke hearts are to die for!