30023-5 Vanderbilt Avenue, Hayward foothills

I’ll be marketing this excellent property in a few days. 30023-25 Vanderbilt, Hayward foothills. This can be a great investment […]

Some useful links for the Berkeley probate court

It is good to stay up on new rules and procedures. Some of the information at these links may help […]

Katrina Cottages as granny units

I was looking for a pre-fab solution to the concept of adding a parents unit on to a child’s property. […]

Movers and Shakers

How’d that Neukom guy get top billing??? Just because he owns a chunk of the Giants? See yours truly in Movers […]

Does my property have to go through probate?

An interesting read. This article highlights the most common issues that estates face in the sale of real property. Is […]

The mess left behind….

The mess left behind…. This article examines taxation of post-death foreclosures. Personal liability of the PR Probate section 10361 (very important […]

Estate planning experience

I was unaware that On-line assets are treated differently that brick and mortar bank deposits. Strange. If someone is successor […]

Medi-Cal claims against an estate are not simple.

I was reading the paper this morning and came across this article by Len Tillem. The state of California wants […]

Long term care loophole – DNA screening

I was stunned to learn that long term care insurance providers can screen for dementia and other diseases. An eye […]

Mortgage Debt Relief Act to be extended until 1/1/2014.

  A news piece I recently read at Linked-In. As of this week, the United States Senate and House have […]